PES 2019 For Android Download | Release Date, Trailers And New Features Detailed


PES 2019 For Android: Konami has officially revealed this year’s entry in its long-running football franchise, Pro Evolution Soccer. “PES 2019 mobile” will be available in Android devices from the last week of December 2018,  And a PC version will launch on Aug. 30. It will be available in 2 two editions, And yes, you read that correctly, PES Mobile 2019 will be on play store until the last of December 11, 2018. Well, not right now at least. With Konami finally announcing PES 2019’s release date.

PES 2019 For Android | Release Date, Trailers And New Features Detailed
PES 2019 For Android | Release Date, Trailers And New Features Detailed

Among the new features Add by Konami are visible player fatigue on the pitch, improved ball physics, and player positioning, New Faces & Hairs, Live Chat and greater player individuality. There’s also the usual roster of new animations, More Goal Celebration, and improved in-game graphics, as well as a new menu interface.

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Pes Mobile Release Date:

December 11, 2018

Features in PES 2019 For Android Devices

  • Online Tournament More Than 8 Minute
  • New Goal Celebration
  • New Faces & Hairs
  • New Squad
  • Referee Visible During Game
  • Directly Players Buying System
  • Addition Of Instant Replay
  • Intro Player Coming Out Of Tunnel & Substation Animation When A Player Is a Substitute
  • Limit breaking will no longer be necessary!
  • Featured players will be added to the game!
  • New player trainingsitems have been added!
  • Energy system has been removed!

Pes 2019 Android Images 

PES 2019 android
Image By: Konami
 Release Date, Trailers And New Features Detailed
Image By: Konami
Image By: Konami
Image By: Konami
Image By: Konami
PES 2019 For Android | Release Date, Trailers And New Features Detailed
Image By: Konami

According To Konami

Additional changes to be aware of

◎Limited-edition “Featured Players” coming to the game

Players who were in top form during the previous weekend’s fixtures will appear in the game as “Featured Players”.

Their abilities will get a boost basedon the performance they displayed in their respective matches, some even receiving new skills.

We’ve also been working with PES partner clubs such as FC Barcelona and Liverpool FC to create special editions of their players to include in the game. Be sure to take this fantastic opportunity to obtain some great players from our Partner Clubs and take your squad to the next level.

◎New Legend players coming

Expect the great legends of footballing history to continue to appear in the game, including BECKHAM, MARADONA, CRUYFF, NEDVED, GULLIT, MALDINI and KAHN. Look out for future appearances from even more players of legendary fame.

◎New league licences

New league licences

We have added more than 10 new officially licensed leagues, including the official Russian league exclusively, as well as the Belgian, Scottish, Danish, Swiss, Portuguese, Turkish, Argentina and Chile leagues. Japan’s J league has also been added. The possibilities for building your dream squad just got even greater.

◎New Live Update feature

A new Live Update feature will update players in areas such as their current clubs and their conditioning after playing in real-world matches. Updates are planned on a weekly basis. Build your team of well-conditioned players and show the opposition what you’re made of!

◎Energy system removed

We’re getting rid of energy points that were previously necessary to play a match. Now you can play as much as you like without ever needing to worry about energy levels.

◎Expanded inventory

We are doing away with the player and scout slot expansion system and have implemented fixed inventory limits for each of them.

<Player Slots>

You can keep up to 500 players signed via an agent or scout.

<Scout Slots>

You can keep up to 150 scouts acquired through auctions or matches.


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