PUBG Mobile Season 5: Release Date, Features, New weapons and Royale Pass


The mobile version is loved by all the gamers. In a recent  PUBG mobile crossed 100M downloads in just a time span of 5 months. With every new update, PUBG brings exciting features and cool weapons that always keeps the gamers super excited.

PUBG Mobile season 5 is now available for Android and iOS users, and while the new season of PUBG includes many interesting features like the Royal Pass, New weapons , new skins and vehicle. PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular online games among smartphone users and, although PUBG Mobile was first launched in 21st November, its season4 came to an end with the release of “PUBG Mobile Season 5″ The PUBG review has been completed and PUBG Corp has decided to focus on the stability and quality of the true online multiplayer battle.

PUBG Mobile Season 5: Release Date, Features, New weapons and Royale Pass
PUBG Mobile Season 5: Release Date, Features, New weapons and Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile Season 5 Release Date

The PUBG Mobile Season 5 release date for players will be 19 January  2019 and the game will be pushed on the 20 January.

With each update in the last year, PUBG has shown an equally impressive number of downloads. When the Vikendi map was launched in the mobile PUBG update 0.10.0, the number of downloads increased to 900 K

PUBG Royale Pass Season 5 Features

PUBG Royale Pass Season 5 Features

  • Added more rarer outfits, new character faces and hairstyles were added. 600 UC Pass to Elite rewards were also added for players to purchase the Pass for next season.
  • Fine-tuned the swap feature so that Elite Pass holders can buy discounted items with BP or RP points.
  • Added a system in which the probabilities of obtaining certain cash items increase drastically for a limited time.

The New Season 5 Royal Pass

The game allows players to get extra benefits if they buy the royal passes. In this season, 2 new royal passes will be added. These passes will have up to 100 RP levels.

How to update PUBG mobile season 5?

Updating the PUBG mobile game is not as difficult as you might suppose. Both Android and iOS have the game application and the update process is different for each one. Players can also play PUBG on Fluxr which is launched by Live.Me. But if you play on your mobile, follow the steps below and get the new update when it starts:


  • Go to the App Store (iOS) on your mobile.
  • Select the updates section and click on update all options.
  • Enter your password and click “Yes” to receive notifications of the game.


  • Go to the Play Store icon and click on the menu bar on the left side.
  • Go to My Apps and Games and see the applications that show the “Update” option.
    Select the option ‘Update all’ or specific ‘Update’ to update the application.
  • This is all you need to do to update PUBG season 5 when it starts. Players can also download PUBG Lite for mobile devices but read the instructions that follow.

This was our opinion about the new PUBG mobile ad. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements.

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