PUBG Mobile New Snow Map Release Date, New Weapons, New Vehicles & New Features


PUBG Mobile New Snow Map:  PUBG’s new 8×8 map Vikendi, previously known as  (Dihor Otok), is for players who’re up for a little more feisty a challenge than usual.

Here on this page we’ve gathered together everything we know about the new PUBG Snow map itself, including any new features like the hopefully soon-to-arrive New Vehicles, New Weapons & New Features.

PUBG Mobile New Snow Map Release Date, New Weapons, New Vehicles & New Features

PUBG Mobile New Snow Map Release Date, New Weapons, New Vehicles & New Features

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Twitted “Coming Winter 2018” at the Microsoft’s big E3 in June with PUBG E3 Gameplay trailer, every PUBG player is excited about the “New PUBG Snow Map”. 

PUBG’s Vikendi (Dihor Otok) map explained

Finally, we’ve got an idea of how this map plays. Below is a quick-fire roundup of everything that’s new or different about the 8×8 Snow map Vikendi.

PUBG Mobile New Snow Map Release Date,
PUBG Mobile New Snow Map Release Date,

A recent date has uncovered a lot of details on the new PUBG map, including a name, possible vehicles and key buildings. The new snow map is 8×8 km in size and is a snow-covered mountainous island called Dihor Otok. This information was discovered in a large dating, which also produced textures and models for buildings that would appear on the map, such as a dino park, rocket, various castles, and plenty of Brick Gothic town houses & More importantly, the date also contains a map image, which you can consult below.

Dihor Otok has also been recreated using game files from a separate datamine. Redditor allthenewsisgoodnews published a 3D flyby of the new PUBG map that you can see below. It seems that the hot spots on this map will be Cosmodrome, Castle, Cement Factory and Frozen Lake

New, but unfinished buildings

There’s a maze for a place called DinoPark, which absolutely sounds like a theme park, while other images show the new snow map will have its own castle. And, as if things couldn’t get any more outlandish, there are some space-themed assets: a rocket has also been included in the datamine for a location called the Cosmodrome. It’s like some strange alternative future where Jurassic Park, Skyrim and Elon Musk get stuck on a Soviet island together

New Weapon Skin In Snow Map PUBG

There have been also rumors roaming around that there will be also nigh mode like PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 update which will be called “weather night”. Hope you will celebrate this Halloween with new weather night mode in PUBG in the new Dihor Otok PUBG map.

KAR98k Snow map concept skin

KAR98 Snow map concept skinM416 New Skin In Snow Map

M416 New Skin In Snow Map

Haven’t found a Hawaii style weapon skin… So i made one!

New Vehicles In Snow Map PUBG

New Vehicles In Snow Map PUBG

  • Added a new vehicle that will be exclusive to the map
  • Beetle is a 4 person vehicle
  • The Beetle is slower compared to the previous vehicles, but fits perfectly with New Snow Map


Winter is coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and at a very suitable time: the PUBG snow map release date is winter 2018. There’s still plenty of work to be done, but we’ll let you know once we get a specific launch date.

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